Wednesday 4th February

Cinnamon Sugar PretzelSo quite a lot has happened since my last post. I still haven’t heard anything from the letters I sent off last week. However on Saturday I went to a local Bakery to hand an application in, I had an interview there yesterday and I have been offered a two day trial, the only slight negative is the position is for a Baker. There is however, in the next town a position which has just become available to become a Pastry Chef. I took a trip over there today after school to hand my application in so fingers crossed I will hear something from them soon!

In other news, I recently found a blog post about Pretzels on Alicia Spun Sugar which inspired me to have a go myself. I have been living in Germany for nearly 6 months now and have eaten quite a few pretzels (Bretzel) but had not got round to making them. I used a combination of the recipe which is linked in Alicia’s blog post and a traditional recipe I had. I made some traditional pretzels with sea salt and the ones in the picture above which are cinnamon sugar. They were really tasty however I found they were quite hard! I can’t seem to work out what I did wrong so any suggestions would be great!


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4 thoughts on “Wednesday 4th February

    1. Thank you very much! I have handed an application in at a shop which I can only describe as the shop out of the film Chocolat! I will be so pleased if I even get an interview for it!

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