Sunday 18th January

So this week I have finished module 1 of my language course! (Yay!) As far as I can tell we are continuing on to Module 2 with out being delayed (if not I will turn up to school tomorrow by myself…)

I also plucked up the courage to go in to a local cafe and ask for a part time job, after navigating my way through a 5 minute German conversation, I have a trial shift soon (I think)! I was very nervous about doing this and there were several points I felt like walking out. But having the courage to do it has made me realise how much I have changed since moving to another country. If I get the job it is going to be very difficult as my German is basic! But hopefully it will pick up so much quicker! I will let you know how it goes.

This week I decided to make brioche buns for burgers. I have never made an enriched dough before, when the dough was in the mixer it looked incredibly wet! I added a bit more flour but the end result was more like a dense scone than a brioche! Does anyone have any advise on this? Is an enriched dough generally very wet?

In other news I have decided not to take a position as an Apprentice Baker, it just really isn’t what I want to do and I would be accepting it for the sake of it. I am in the process of writing some letters to local Konditorei’s, fingers crossed something comes up!


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