The Food Exchange – Christmas

This month for the Food Exchange Greta and I decided on the theme Christmas bakes. We have done this before in previous years but there are so many festive bakes in England and Germany we thought it would be okay.

Greta gave me a few options and I decided on Lebkuchen. Even though I have lived in Germany for 4 years, I have never actually made Lebkuchen and I am not sure I have even tried it. Every Christmas I opt for gingerbread instead.

A friend sent me her recipe for Lebkuchen and I found it easy enough to make. However I did find the dough incredibly sticky when trying to cut out the shapes.

I found the Lebkuchen improved in texture and taste after a few days. I found the taste very different to gingerbread because of the mix of spices. I think I will bake Lebkuchen every year now!

When I was looking for a Lebkuchen recipe I found a recipe in Nigel Slater’s Christmas Chronicles for Lebkuchen chocolate cream. Crumbled Lebkuchen folded through whipped cream and left to infuse, then melted chocolate poured over the top and then left in the fridge to set.

As I had a lot of Lebkuchen I decided to give it a go. It is the perfect pudding for when it is cold. I highly recommend you give it a go.

Make sure you head over to the lovely Greta’s blog to see which festive bake she has made!


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