The Food Exchange – Picnic

After a month away from The Food Exchange we are back (it turns out life with little children is fairly busy!).

If you haven’t seen The Food Exchange before, once a month Greta from Made by Greta and I choose a theme and give each other a recipe to try from our home countries (Greta is from Germany and I am from England). To find out more about the Food Exchange and to see our past challenges click here.

We decided on a picnic theme for this month. Greta suggested I made Zupfbrot which is a bread that can be sweet or savoury and Greta said would be perfect for a picnic… and she was right!

After a quick look on the internet I chose a recipe for Zupfbrot with herbs and cheese. I started off my making a basic bread dough. Once the dough had proved, I rolled it out to a large rectangle and covered it in a mixture of butter, herbs and cheese before folding and cutting into rectangles, stacking and placing into a bread tin to prove a little longer and then baking.

We then sat in the garden and ate the warm bread which was delicious! The end result was a really soft bread (from all the butter!), which was really tasty and had a slightly crunchy top. You could definitely eat this instead of sandwiches, it would be so easy to pack and take on a picnic and you could get really creative with the fillings!

(We also ate the leftovers with pasta the next day!).

I would definitely make this again and would probably try a sweet version next time.

Make sure you go over to Greta’s blog to see her bake, they look really tasty!

If you have any suggestions on what we could bake next please let us know!


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