The Food Exchange – February

   I can’t believe it is already time for our February Food Exchange post! I am not sure where this year is going!For those of you who are new to the Food Exchange, every month I swap recipes with Greta from Made by Greta. We have a new theme every month and I give Greta a traditional English recipe and she will give me a traditional German recipe. 

This month our theme was savoury bakes! I am always excited to receive my email from Greta with the latest challenge and I am always excited to try the new recipe. This month was no exception! My challenge this month was Laugen Stangen! For those of you who don’t know what these are, the best way to describe them I think is a pretzel but in a roll form. Normally they are a small long shape, a bit like a sub. However I decided to make mine round.

Now that I have worked in two patisseries here in a Germany I have seen a lot of these pass through the kitchen but have never made them. They are normally made my bakeries or bought in from other companies. So it was great to have a go at making them myself!

They have a fairly firm thin crust with salt crystals sprinkled over the top and a nice soft texture in the middle.

They were fresh out of the oven when Tim came home from a 3 hour bike ride… Needless to say they really didn’t last long in our house at all! Tim even declared them as his favourite Food Exchange bake yet!

If you would like to give these a go the recipe I used is here. It is in German, however if you put the recipe in to a translator you can get a good enough idea of what to do. If you have any questions either just leave a message below.

To see my savoury bake challenge for Greta head to her blog here.

As of next month we will be posting the Food Exchange on the first Thursday of every month!

Lucya xx


2 thoughts on “The Food Exchange – February

  1. Love the pictures and how you write! It really made me laugh what you wrote about Tim declaring it as his favourite Food Exchange bake yet as Dan funnily enough said the same about the scones – seems like our boys like the savoury bakes 🙂

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