The Food Exchange – January

First of all I hope you like the new look of the blog! I have some great ideas for this year and am hoping to make a few changes so thought it was time for a new look!

Secondly, sorry that January’s food exchange is late! Greta and I were both away for a while last month so it wasn’t possible to post in January! We will post our February challenge soon and then after that we will be posting on the first Thursday of every month!

For those of you who are new to the Food Exchange, Greta from Made by Greta and I met through blogging. We soon realised that I am from England living in Germany and she is from Germany living in England. We moved around the same time, so to help us settle in to our new countries we decided to do a monthly recipe swap. Every month we have a different theme and then give each other a recipe from our home country. We are always open to suggestions for our theme so if you have any ideas or specific bakes you would like to see us try please let us know!

This month our topic was quick and easy bakes. Greta’s challenge for me was Gugelhupf. First of all it gave me an excuse to buy a new baking tin so I was happy! A Gugelhupf is a lot like an English marble cake although this uses cream in the batter! It can be decorated with icing sugar but I opted for drizzling it in chocolate!

It took roughly 15 minutes from getting in to the kitchen to having the cake in the oven so it was very quick! The end result was a delicious, moist sponge and I definitely think the chocolate added to it! I made it a few days before our trip to Annecy so it helped us get through the 5 hour car journey!

Thanks for the recipe Greta! I will definitely make it again!

If you would like to see my January challenge for Greta head over to Made by Greta!

Lucy xx


6 thoughts on “The Food Exchange – January

    1. Thanks Greta! It was so tasty. I have just made my February bake… they are Tim’s favourite challenge so far! He has just come back from a bike ride and eaten three in a row! Haha xx

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