Travel – A Weekend in Annecy, France

Last weekend I had three days off work so we decided to have a weekend away. We have never been to Annecy before and to be honest didn’t know much about it.

We had such a fantastic weekend, amazing views and lots of really good food!

We set off after work on Thursday and had a nice drive through the black forest, Switzerland and round Geneva. We stayed at a hotel called Hotel des Alpes. It is a small 2* hotel very close to the town centre. The rooms were small but comfortable, quiet  and clean and really good for only 69€ per night!

I decided to do a bit of research on things to do and good places to eat while we were in Annecy. I am so pleased I did as it meant we discovered a really nice food market, cafe and restaurant!

We went to the same cafe every morning called Sur Les Pas De La Petite Botte. It is only a two minute walk for Hotel des Alpes and served the most wonderful breakfast! All of the furniture, crockery and cutlery is mismatched and you can just see the mountains from the window! For a little over 7€ each we had fresh bread and croissants with jam, orange juice and coffee (or hot chocolate in Tim’s case!). It may sound quite simple but it tasted amazing and really set us up for the day.

We spent all day Friday walking around Annecy town and lake Annecy. It is so beautiful I could have spent a lot longer there! It is known as Venice in the Alps, with its little rivers and bridges running through the old town you can see why!

 On Friday night we headed to restaurant L’Etage. We luckily got the last available table! The food was incredible! I had tartiflette, which I have mentioned on here before, it is a dish from the French Alps which consists of potato, onion, bacon and a lot of cheese! Tim also had an amazing steak and chips!

 On the Saturday we spent a day driving through the snowy mountains, enjoying the views and watching people skiing before heading back to Annecy to enjoy a jug of hot chocolate between us!

Annecy is such a beautiful place which is great for visiting all year round. In the winter there are a lot less tourists about but a lot of things are still open. It is also very close to a few ski resorts. In the summer you can swim in the lake, hire a boat, go on a dinner cruise on the lake, watch the fireworks or go walking or cycling in the mountains.

We are planning on heading back at some point one summer!

Lucya xx

Places we visited

Sur Les Pas De La Petite Botte, 4 Avenue d’Aléry, 74000 Annecy

Restaurant L’Etage, 13 Rue du Pâquier, 74000 Annecy

Au Fidèle Berger, 2 Rue Royale, 74000 Annecy

Hotel des Alpes12 Rue de la Poste, 74000 Annecy



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