Thursday 19th November (The Food Exchange- November)

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It is that time of the month again where Greta from made my Greta and I swap recipes!

For those of you who don’t know what the Food Exchange is, once a month Greta and I swap German and English recipes to learn a bit more about the food from the new countries we are living in!

This months theme was Christmas cookies! We know it isn’t December yet but here in Germany bakeries have been making Christmas biscuits for weeks!

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Greta’s challenge for me was Vanillekipferl. I have seen these in a lot of Konditorei’s already and think they are a favourite here in Germany! Once I started making them, I realised that when I had a work experience day last December at a Konditorei, to see if it was the career I wanted to persue. I was given the task of forming these little biscuits.

They are a very crumbly, buttery biscuit and aren’t too sweet which I really like!

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I almost had a few problems when following the recipe… first of all the dough is very dry, so when I was kneading all of the ingredients I was convinced that it was not going to come together. After resisting the need to add water and with a bit of patience it did come together! Secondly, in Greta’s email she had warned me saying they break very easily, with a side note saying the more breakable they are the better they taste! She wasn’t wrong! I found forming some of them fairly challenging but it was definitely worth it!

If you would like to give these a go (and I highly recommend it), you can find the recipe here. The recipe is in German, but if you put it in to google translate it makes enough sense to be able to work through the recipe.

Head over to Greta’s blog to see my Christmas biscuit challenge!

Make sure you check back on both blogs next month for a very Christassy Food Exchange.

Lucya xx


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