Tuesday 8th September (The Black Forest and starting a New Apprenticeship)

A week has passed since my last post and therefore a week since I started my apprenticeship. It has been a very fun, exciting, scary and tiring week! I have thoroughly enjoyed the beginning of my training but needless to say 5 2am starts and a day at school in a different language has tired me out! I have luckily got a day off today before going to work again tonight!

I have already helped make quite a few things, including cakes, chocolates and biscuits. I think my favourite thing so far has been making chocolate and marzipan conkers! Everyone I have met at work and school has been really lovely which has made the whole thing so much easier!

I am hoping I will be able to get back in to some normality with blog writing but I do think there will be fewer posts for the moment, while I get in to a routine and a new sleeping pattern!

I wanted to write a post about our weekend away last week to the Black Forest. Tim surprised me with a few days away in the black forest after being ill and before starting my new job. We camped at a lake in the black forest called Titisee which is only a few hours drive from where we live.

The area is really beautiful and we were lucky to have really nice weather too! Having said that we went in to the main town on the shore of Titisee which we weren’t a massive fan of because of how touristy it was.

We still had a wonderful weekend of walking, swimming and eating lots of very nice food! I also tried a slice of black forest gateaux! I had heard of a cafe in Treiberg who apparently still use the original black forest recipe, so of course that is where we went! There was also a poster saying the Hairy Bikers had visited this cafe to try the gateaux too! Unfortunately I wasn’t a massive fan. I just found it way too alcoholic, there were parts where I could not taste the cherries or the chocolate just alcohol.

On the Saturday Tim disappeared for a few hours to cycle up a small mountain so I went off in to a small town and found a really nice market which I spent quite a while walking round before sitting and having a drink in the sunshine and reading my book!

I am spending some of my day in my kitchen for the first time since starting my job! I will post a picture on Instagram if you would like to see what I am making!

I hope you have enjoyed my slightly different post and I am hoping to have some more recipes for you soon!

Here is to week two of the apprenticeship!

Lucya xx

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