Friday 28th August (The Food Exchange – August)

I can’t believe it is time to post our next food exchange post already! This month has flown by! If you missed our first Food Exchange challenge you can see Greta’s jam tarts here and my attempt at Apfeltaschen here!

Greta and I met through blogging and soon realised that Greta is German and has recently moved to England and I am English and have recently moved to Germany! Once we realised this Greta suggested doing a series of blog posts together. It sounded fun so I said yes straight away! So far it has been a great way to learn a bit more about the new countries we are living in!

This months theme was a fruit bake to make the most of the summer fruit that is available at the moment.

Greta’s challenge for me was a bake called a Biskuitrolle. I think the closest that we have in England is a Swiss roll. However I have found that the Biskuitrolle is a lot lighter!

The sponge mix is mainly whisked eggs whites and egg yolks, so there is plenty of air in the mixture. The centre is also incredibly light as it is a mixture of whipped cream and icing sugar with raspberries mixed through. I do have a little confession at this point! Greta sent me the recipe in German, there was one ingredient I didn’t understand and just thought “ahh, it will be ok without it”. I now think it was to help set the cream as when I cut the roll it oozed out quite a lot! Sorry Greta! Hence the slightly messy pictures! It still tasted amazing though!

Overall it was such an easy bake to make (with my Kitchenaid!) and it was fairly quick to make. I will definitely be making it again! I imagine it would also work well with other berries, so I may try this at some point.

If you would like to see my fruit bake challenge for Greta head over to Greta’s blog here!

There will be more from me and Greta next month, if you have any suggestions for themes and challenges please send either of us a message.

Tim and I are off to the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) this weekend before I start my job on Wednesday! I am planning on finding the best black forest gateau around!

Lucya xx


8 thoughts on “Friday 28th August (The Food Exchange – August)

  1. It looks amazing – I love a Biskuitrolle, usually I fill them with strawberries, but this version makes me want to make one right now! I love your food exchange and I am already looking forward to your next posts!
    Ginger x

    1. Thank you! Mmmm, strawberries inside sounds delicious too! I might have to give it a go next time! I am so pleased you enjoy mine and Greta’s project! If you have any suggestions on a topic for next month then please let us know!
      Lucy x

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