Tuesday 18th August (back from England!)

Stiffkey, Norfolk
Stiffkey, Norfolk

Hello lovely readers!

I can’t believe it has been nearly a month since my last post! I have been back in England for the last few weeks and have been super busy! If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen a bit of what I am up to!

I start my apprenticeship 2 weeks today and have so many blog posts to write before then! It is time for me and Greta to post our second Food Exchange post, I am going to write an overview of my time in England and as it was my sisters 21st birthday, I made a fairly epic cake so will be sharing the recipe with you!

I wanted to post today to let you know I am still here! But also it is a year today since I moved to Germany. I am not entirely sure where the past year has gone! So much has happened this year! Tim has settled in to a job in a new language really well, I have completed a 7 month language course (and found out yesterday that I have passed!!), I have navigated my way through some odd situations in my new language and interviews, managed to secure an apprenticeship and in between all of that we got married in Germany and had a wedding celebration in England!

Moving abroad is one of the hardest things we have done but it has definitely been worth it!

I will start writing those other posts now!

Lucya xx


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