Tuesday 6th July (An Exam and a Heatwave)

Saturday was exam day! I can’t believe I have finally done it! It was a fairly challenging day. My exam started at 8am, lasted two and a half hours and to make it slightly more difficult it reached 41c on Saturday! Luckily we had air-conditioning in the exam room. We did have to wait 3 hours in between our written exam and are speaking exam so that was a little more challenging!

Over all I think the exam went well. I got a little frustrated in my speaking exam as I was given a picture to describe with not much in to talk about! Even if I was speaking English there were only about 5 things in the picture, so what I could say was very limited! I also didn’t understand one of the questions in my speaking exam.

I started my Politics lessons yesterday and have my exam next Tuesday. After than I am finished with school and just have to wait 6 weeks for my results!!

It has been over 32c for the last week. It has been too hot to do most things! I was sent home from school early two days in a row. When we have been at home we have been positioned in front of our new fan watching back to back episodes of Heroes! It has been too hot to turn the oven on too, as soon as we do it makes the kitchen unbearably hot, so we have just been eating salad, fruit, ice cream, cold pasta and bread for the last week!

I haven’t been able to bake recently as it has been way too hot. I have been really missing it, so yesterday I decided to do make a dessert without using the oven. The picture above is a preview and I will post the recipe on here on Thursday!

I hope you are all having a good week and haven’t been as hot as I have!

See you Thursday!

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Lucya xx


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