Wednesday 1st July (Ice cream and a new car)

Sorry I am a little quite at the moment. I have been super busy recently! We bought a car on Thursday and after a few teething problems (flat battery and getting insurance), we are finally able to drive it! I passed my driving test 4 years and but I haven’t driven since and I have never driven on the right side of the road before or in a right hand drive car for that matter!

Tim is taking me out driving every day so that I can get more confident again. I am suprised at how quickly it is coming back though!

On top of that it is my exam on Saturday so I have been preparing for that. I feel ready for the exam so I just want to get it over with! The only thing I am not looking forward to is that it is suppose to be 40c on Saturday! Sitting in a room with no airconditioning for 3 and a bit hours while doing an exam doesn’t sound like fun!

My parents are coming over to Germany in 2 weeks, the same day I finish school! I am looking forward to showing them round in the summer time. I am then heading back to England for 3 weeks to spend some time with my family and for our English wedding!

On Sunday we decided to head to an ice cream cafe in the next village. We have been told by several people that they make the best ice cream in the area. Apparently people regularly queue for half an hour to get ice cream from this place. We waited for around 20 minutes but it was totally worth it. I had hazelnut ice cream which I think is my new favourite flavour!

I am hoping to be able to have some baking time this weekend so I will let you know how it goes!

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Lucya xx


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