What is on my bookshelf part 1. Savoury

book shelfI am going to start off by saying these are not all of the cookbooks I own. I have a slight obsession which I seem to have inherited from my Mum and my Gran. My Mum is an incredible cook and my Gran was too, hopefully this is a good sign!

I initally started writing this as one post but it quickly became quite long, so I have split this post in to two, this week I am posting my savoury books and next Tuesday you can see the sweet books I use. There are some where they have a mixture of sweet and savory recipes so I have just gone for what I have felt has been the main theme in the book.

So here are the savoury books which are currently sitting on my bookshelf!

Bread Revolution

I think I bought this book because it was on offer on Amazon and had some good reviews. For me this book has really helped push my bread making forward. I don’t use it so much anymore as I have my basic bread recipe and I adapt it depending on what I want to do. However this book has a great range of bread recipes and it really gives great advice on the method and how to get the best result possible. The local cheese loaf recipe is one of my favourites!


Written by innocent (the smoothie company), this book is full of healthy recipes aimed at families. Our favourite recipe is the chicken, bacon and leek pie which Tim loves to eat in the winter months. The book is broken up in to helpful sections “good things to have for breakfast, lunch etc.” There are also helpful tips and fun pages for things to do with children. I imagine this book just gets even better when you have children to feed!

Das Cookbook

Our friends bought this book for as a present for our first christmas in Germany. Das Cookbook is written by a German living in America. The book is divided in to sections for different times of the day “Guten Morgen” etc. The book is written in English and has some wonderful recipes and beautiful photography. So far I have only made the apple pancake recipe… which was delicious. I have just seen a recipe for Quinoa Benedict… breakfast is definitely my favourite meal of the day! The only thing I don’t like about this book is that it is written with the American measuring format of cups, which I struggle with!

The French Kitchen

I am going to be honest, I have not cooked anything from this book. However I did get to meet Michel Roux Jr and it is signed! There are some lovely recipes in this book but I feel they are a little complex to make for just me and Tim. When we next have friends round to dinner this will definitely be the first book I go to though!

Fish Easy

This is another book I haven’t made anything from. The main reason is we find it quite difficult to get fish here in Germany and before that we couldn’t really afford fish. We both grew up in Norfolk and my Dad likes to go fishing, so growing up I use to eat quite a lot of fish. I Would choose fish over meat every single time! This book is simply broken in to five main sections; on the grill, in the pan, in the oven, raw, cured and salads and mayonnaise and other basics. The recipes are simple and look so delicious! I may give this book to my Dad just so that it gets the use it deserves!

Jamie’s Comfort Food

The German’s seem to love Jamie Oliver! It is very difficult to walk in to a book shop with out seeing a range of Jamie Oliver cookbooks.

This book was a present from my Mum (are you starting to see a theme here?!). I have only recently got this book but have made the chicken tikka masala and paratha. It is now one of my go to recipes for curry. It does take a little while to make but I think it is so worth it! You can definitely taste the range of herbs and spices in it. Along with the The French Kitchen, this is going to be the book I go to when we next have people over for dinner!


I received this book free for registering my KitchenAid, there are quite a lot of nice looking recipes but the thing I like the most is in the front of the book there is a very helpful section on how to make various types, of creams, sauces, pastries and doughs. (also how could I not mention Gin and Tonic syllabub!!)

The Little Paris Kitchen

Quite possibly one of my favourite and most used cookbooks. Everything I have made from this book has turned out incredibly well. My highlights are Tartiflette (cheese and potato nests), Croque Madame muffins, Boeuf bourguignon with baguette dumplings and Moelleux au chocolat (chocolate fondant with salted caramel filling). There is also a great section at the back for french basics and Rachel Khoo’s favourite food places in Paris.

My Little Brown Book

Finally I wanted to mention my little brown book. This is just a notebook that I scribble family favourite recipes in and stick my favourite recipes from magazines too. Recipes only make it in to this book when they have been cooked at least twice! If you enjoy cooking and experimenting you should definitely have one of these. Mine is a little scruffy as it has been splashed with various things, cake mixture has been wiped off it and I have used it to stand things on on various occassions but it is definitely my most used book!

I hope you have enjoyed this slightly different post. Do you have any thoughts on the cookbooks I have mentioned? Or are there any that you cannot live without?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and I will post my sweet section next Tuesday!

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