Thursday 21st May (a day trip to France and 100 followers!)

EmmanuelFirst of all Lucya Bakes hit the 100 followers mark yesterday! I know a lot more blogs have a lot more followers. But for me I am just really pleased that 100 people like seeing what I am baking! I am hoping it will only get more interesting when I start my apprenticeship in September! So THANK YOU!

On Saturday Tim and I headed to France for a birthday day out. We went to Wissembourg as it is a really nice town just over the French border. It was warm and sunny all day so we basically spent most of the day sitting outside and eating!


First of all we went to Patisserie Daniel Rebert, this place was reccomended to us by Tim’s language teacher. The range of cakes were incredible, I really struggled to choose! In the end I went for an Emmanuel, which was a thin layer of sponge topped with a rich chocolate and raspberry mousse. Tim had a chocolate dome with a hazelnut centre which looked just as nice!

For lunch I had Flammekuchen but I will tell you more about that at a later stage! I am planning on writing a post about my favourite foods in Germany and this will be near the top of the list!

School has started to become a little more challenging again but with less that 8 weeks to go now I am not letting myself get too stressed about it! Although I do keep getting asked why I speak like an English person… I would have thought this would have been fairly obvious…

I hope you are all having a good weekend and are looking forward to the long weekend!

I will see you on Tuesday with part 2 of what is on my bookshelf.

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Lucya xx


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