Thursday 7th May (Swedish Sticky Chocolate Cake)

Tim has been away on a business trip for 3 days and got back last night. I don’t overly enjoy cooking for myself but love cooking for other people, so when I am by myself I eat really quick meals. When I say quick I don’t mean unhealthy. It is normally salad, pasta or stir fried rice with lots of vegetables! I decided for his first night back I was going to make him his favourite meal. Lasagne made with a 3 hour slow cooked ragu and home made pasta sheets. It is really delicious!


I then decided to make Kladdkaka which is a Swedish chocolate cake that is purposefully undercooked to give it a lovely sticky texture. I found the recipe in the Waitrose magazine and the pictures made me want to make it straight away! I was very disappointed with my efforts as I massively overcooked it! I didn’t have the right size cake tin so I used a slightly bigger one and just left it in the oven too long! On the bright sided it still tastes really good and isn’t dry like I expected it to be when I first cut in to it. But there is nothing sticky about it!

I will definitely be trying this recipe again and will keep a much closer eye on it!

One of my wisdom teeth has been coming through this week and has been causing quite a lot of pain which has also put me off food a bit this week! With Tim being away I reluctantly went to the Dentist by myself and booked an appointment which is this afternoon. Typically it has basically stopped hurting now but I am still nervous as I am not sure my German quite extends to Dentistry yet!

If you would like the recipe for this cake (and to see how it is suppose to look!) you find it on the Waitrose website here.

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