Monday 4th May (a trip to Kassel and Baumkuchen)

FritzlarThere hasn’t been much baking going on this week as we spent the bank holiday weekend in Kassel visiting some friends… it definitely put my German speaking to the test!

We had such a lovely time, eating lots of food and exploring new places!

On Saturday I made a Sachertorte with my friend from a very old Austrian recipe book which was very fun! Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture but it was amazing! If you don’t know what a Sachertorte is, it is basically a chocolate sponge sandwiched together with apricot jam and covered in a dark chocolate icing. I will have to make it again and take a picture for you!

We also visited one of the oldest family run Cafes in Germany, Cafe Nenninger. I had an incredible Praline Chocolate Cake and the staff were very friendly. They also make a traditional German cake called Baumkuchen, which translates as tree cake. If you watch The Great British Bake Off you may recognise it from the episode where they made the 20 layer grilled cake. The same friend we visited bought our wedding cake for us which was an Orangensahnebaumkuchen (orange cream baumkuchen) which was incredible! It was two layers of soft sponge and a thick layer of light orange flavoured cream with chunks of baumkuchen suspended through it!

I am in the middle of planning my birthday cake too as it is my birthday next week! I am hoping I can get Tim to help me so I don’t make my cake completely by myself! I am thinking lots of chocolate and orange…. if it goes well I will share the recipe with you!

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