Monday 27th April (Babka loaf trials)

Chocolate and Raspberry Babka Loaf

I am not 100% sure when I first came across a Babka loaf, but I was recently watching old episodes of the Great British Bake Off and was reminded that I really wanted to make one!

I searched the internet to try and find a nice recipe but nothing really jumped out at me. I did find a delicious Chocolate and Pistachio recipe but unfortunately Tim doesn’t like nuts. So after reading a bit about them I decided to come up with my own recipe! This one had a layer of melted chocolate and fresh raspberries running through it! I was really happy with the result for my first attempt and will definitely be making it again. When I get to a stage where I am completely happy I will share the recipe with you! If you have tried Babka please let me know what you think and if you have any good recipes!

Friday is a public holiday here in Germany so we are off to Kassel in central Germany to visit some friends for the weekend! I am quite excited as it is the first time I have visited the area. I want to bake something for our friend which I can take with me but it needs to be able to survive a 3 hour car journey!

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See you soon!



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