Tuesday 7th April (English Food and Macarons)

English FoodWe arrived back in Germany last night after every single stretch of our journey being delayed… in the end I think it was 20 hours! It is safe to say I am feeling the effects of it today!

Sorry for the lack of posts last week I was busy spending time with my family so didn’t get much time for baking other than the Easter eggs which Sophie and I made (you can read about them here!).

I thought I would do something slightly different in this post and show you the English food which we bought back. There are only a few things Tim and I miss but we crave them quite a lot!

Food Magazines

When I lived at home I always use to read my Mum’s food magazines. I love having them round the house as I like being able to dip in and out of them and I find quite a lot of inspiration from them. My favourite magazines are ones which have interesting articles in as well as just recipes. Now that I am living in Germany my Mum always sends me home with a few!


This one is definitely mine! One of my favourite breakfasts is a soft boiled egg with marmite on toast. Tim hates it more than words can describe so I have to make sure I don’t leave it lying around otherwise he hides it!

Heinz Tomato Soup

When I have told people I miss Heinz tomato soup the inevitable question that follows is “don’t they have soup in Germany?”. Yes. Yes they do. But it just isn’t the same as Heinz. It probably has something to do with this being my comfort food as a child. Whenever I was ill or upset pasta in tomato soup with cheddar cheese on top was my go-to-meal.

Squash/ Cordial

We have found that in Germany they tend to have syrups rather than cordial, we aren’t  a massive fan of the taste and we have found it tends to be rather expensive. This is more of Tim’s choice though, I am quite happy just drinking water.

Raw Chocolate

This is something I haven’t tried before but have been meaning to for ages. My Dad ordered a couple of bars and kept one for me. I am yet to try it but will let you know what I think of it when I do! The bar I have is by Forever Cacao. If you have tried raw chocolate before please let me know what you think and if you have baked with it all?

Brown Sauce

This is Tim’s as I am definitely more of a mayonnaise/ tomato ketchup person which there are plenty of both here in Germany. However Tim is a massive brown sauce fan and we cannot find anything even close to it here!

Cadbury Creme Eggs/ Caramel Eggs

My favourite Easter treat! I know there are a lot of unhappy people due to the Creme Egg chocolate recipe being changed. I hate to say that I can taste the difference, the chocolate is not as creamy as it was before. However I don’t think it is such a big difference that I would stop treating myself to one.

Cheddar Cheese

This is probably the thing we both crave the most! You can buy cheddar in Germany but it is generally pre-sliced and super mild. Going home and eating the extra strong stuff we’re used to was a bit of a shock to the system! It is amazing how long we can make a block of this last when we bring it back!


Macarons from Macarons and More

The last thing I wanted to mention were the macarons from Macarons and More. Macarons and More is owned by Tim Kinnaird who took part in Master Chef, he has an amazing shop in Norwich and his macarons are the best! Whenever I am home my sister always treats me to a box of macarons! The flavours above are; cookies and cream, salted caramel, chocolate orange and passion fruit and milk chocolate (my favourite!). Unfortunately they didn’t all make the journey back as they are so good! Tim Kinnaird has an online shop and has just opened a cookery school too! Click here if you want to have a look at his website.

I hope you find this post interesting! Let me know if you have tried raw chocolate and if there is anything you miss from your home country? Or if you were to move abroad what do you think you would miss?

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