Friday 3rd April (Norfolk and Easter Eggs)


 I have been having a lovely time back in England with my Family. Unfortunately it is going much quicker than I would like! We have managed to get to the coast as I haven’t seen the sea in 7 months and it is a weird thing that I miss! We have also managed to sort a few more wedding bits and pieces out such as visiting our venue and trying our wedding rings on! 

I have also really enjoyed filling up on the English food I have missed! I am planning on writing a separate post about this so you should get to see it soon! 

My sister and I decided this year we would make our own Easter eggs. If you would like to know how we made them see the bottom of this post. Sophie is very good at baking although we tend to bake quite different things so it was really fun making these together. 

Sorry for the short post! I am going back to Germany Sunday so hopefully next week I will be posting as normal!

Have a great Easter weekend!



Easter Eggs

Easter egg mould (I bought mine from Amazon for £2)

A few cotton wool balls or pads

50g white chocolate

200g milk or dark chocolate

Using a cotton wool pad polish the inside of your mould until it is shiny. 

Melt the white chocolate, using a piping bag decorate the inside of the mould. Put this to one side to let it set slightly.

Put 2/3 of your milk/ dark chocolate in a plastic microwaveable bowl. Heat the chocolate in a microwave on a medium heat in 30 second bursts, stirring well in between until the chocolate is all melted. 

Stir in the rest of the milk/ dark chocolate until it is all melted and at room temperature. 

Spoon some of the chocolate in to the mould and tilt the mould until it is completely covered. Turn the mould upside down and leave over the bowl until set. If you would like your shell thicker repeat this process until the desired thickness. 

When your egg is set turn your mould over and take your egg out of the mould. Using a warm plate put your two egg halves on the plate until the edges just start to melt (this will also even up the edges if they are wonky). Stick the two halves together and then put down to set completely.


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