Wednesday 25th March (Filo and Figs)

Goats Cheese and Fig Pasta

I don’t normally post non baking recipes on my blog. However this week is a bit of a funny week. The boy has been in England since Saturday so with it just being me my baking has come to a bit of a halt! However, yesterday I made a really quick, simple and delicious dinner! I went to the supermarket after school and saw some figs on offer. I have never tried figs (not sure why) so I thought I would give them a go. I ended up making pasta with goats cheese and figs! I will put how I made it at the bottom of this post (I am reluctant to call it a recipe, more putting things in a bowl).


As I have mentioned before I have been watching old episodes of the Great British Bake Off. Last week I attempted filo pastry. I don’t overly enjoy making pastry, however I found stretching the dough really therapeutic! I turned it in to Mediterranean vegetable and cous cous strudel, which was delicious but not overly pretty!

Something that has been a big help for me while learning German has been Babbel. If you are learning a new language I would definitely recommended it. The courses are good but you do have to pay. However the thing I have found most helpful has been the forum where you can meet native speakers. You don’t have to pay to use this. I now have 3 native German speakers who want to learn English which I email regularly so we can both practice the languages!

I am travelling back to England on Friday night! I am very excited… it just a small matter of a 14 hour bus journey to get through first! One of the main things I miss about England is English food… bacon, proper cheddar cheese, baked beans… I can’t wait! We are also going to have the final meeting at our wedding venue which should be good!

The next time you hear from me will probably be in England with my sister and an Easter surprise!

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Goats Cheese and Fig Pasta

Start by cooking enough pasta for the amount of people you are cooking for.

Once it is cooked drain and put back in the pan. Drizzle over a good glug of olive oil.

Gently wash and dry your figs. Then chop off the stalk and quarter the figs and add to the pan. (I find two figs per person is enough)

Then crumble some goats cheese in to the pan and sprinkle in some black pepper.

Give everything a good mix and serve straight away.


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