The Food Exchange – we’re back!

After a 5 month break (where did that go?!) Greta and I are back! We took a little time out as we had lots of things going on, the most exciting was the birth of Greta's baby in April! Congratulations again Greta, she is gorgeous!

Our theme for this month was summer puddings and Greta gave me a recipe for Windbeutel. They are essentially a large profiterole with a strawberry and quark filling, topped with more strawberries and whipped cream. I ended up making the filling twice as I misread the German recipe and mixed all of the cream, quark and fruit together and ended up with a very tasty but very runny mixture, which would have not stayed in the Windbeutel however hard I tried! I also used raspberries instead of strawberries, as when I got round to making them the quality of strawberries available was not great!

Eventually I had something that vaguely resembled the photo in the recipe! I was really pleased with how they tasted. They are really light and fruity, the perfect summer dessert! Tim who doesn't really like cream, reluctantly tried one and said "oh, much better than I thought they would be! They actually taste really good!"… Thanks Tim!

This was only my second time making choux pastry and was surprised at how easy it is.

Thanks for the recipe Greta! Make sure you head over to Greta's blog to see the challenge I gave her.


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