The Food Exchange – September – Stoned Fruit

It is starting to feel like autumn here in Germany and I was a little bit shocked to see Christmas stuff in the supermarket today!

Our topic for this month’s Food Exchange was stoned fruit. Greta challenged me to make Zwetschgenkuchen (plum cake). I use to help make these quite regularly when I work in the patisserie but have yet to try a piece! The challenge was also very well timed, as since Greta sent me this challenge I have noticed these cakes popping up in lots of bakeries.

I found this recipe for plum cake with cinnamon crumble which I thought I would give a go. It was incredibly quick to make and didn’t take too long to bake either. The only slightly difficult thing with this cake was the cinnamon in the crumble, meant it was already a pale brown colour so made it slightly tricky to tell when the cake was cooked.

The end result is a moist sponge, topped with plums and crunchy crumble which, wasn’t too dissimilar to the plum crumble cake I posted on here not too long ago! It is a great autumnal pudding served warm and I imagine some vanilla ice cream would make it even better!

Make sure you head over to Greta blog to see my challenge for her! You can also click here to see all of our past bakes.

If you have any suggestions for next month we would love to hear them.

Lucya xx


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