Sorry this months update is a little late! We have just arrived back in Germany after spending 9 days in England. It has been an eventful month!

I started off the month by making Rhabarber- Baiser for The Food Exchange. This is basically a rhubarb meringue cake. It was really delicious but the majority of it went with work to Tim as he doesn’t like rhubarb. As much as I would have liked to eat the whole thing, I thought it was best that I didn’t!

I have also been enjoying baking with strawberries and coming up with summer recipes this month! The weather has only just started to look like summer, so I was trying to bring a bit of summer to the blog! My summer inspired recipes included; strawberry and cream biscuits, strawberry crumble cake and elderflower and gin cupcakes.

If you read my blog regularly you will probably have worked out by now that chocolate is one of my favourite things! Last week I posted my recipe for chocolate cake with salted caramel. This has gone down really well so far with the people who have tried it!

Finally I was asked by a friend to bake a range of cakes for an event she was having. It was my biggest challenge to date with 50 fruit scones, 60 cupcakes and 2 victoria sponge cakes! I was so pleased with how well the cakes were received and the experience has definitely given me more confidence! I have now been asked to do another big project but I will keep that a secret until I have finished it!

Finally we headed back to England on 23rd June. The days that followed were a mix of emotions for me.

We got on the ferry at Dunkirk and as we headed towards England and the cliffs of Dover came in to view, I was filled with excitement to be going home for the first time in 8 months.

This was then quashed a little bit as we were stuck in three hours worth of traffic going round London on our way to Warwick. The last thing you want when the journey was already going to be 13 hours! We finally made it to Warwick… a little later than planned and had a really nice evening with our old house mates.

As you can imagine we went to bed fairly exhausted that night. However I didn’t sleep well at all. I have news alerts on my Ipad and when the first update of how the UK referendum was going came through, I became quite worried. Needless to say, every time my Ipad pinged after that I was checking. Hoping that the remain votes would overtake the leave votes.

When it was finally announced that the leave campaign had won the referendum I was filled with disbelief, worry, shock. I could go on. In the lead up to the referendum I was fairly certain remain would win. My Facebook feed was filled with people very passionate about remaining, on the news there were hundreds of celebrities backing the remain campaign and I was aware only of a handful backing leave. I have since asked the people I know, who voted leave and if they would mind explaining their reasons. In general I keep my political and religious views off of the internet, as I see time and time again how quickly these debates escalate in to huge arguments. The question I posed was not a dig at those who voted leave, I genuinely wanted to understand the reasoning.

I was also surprised at the reaction from my international friends who were messaging me genuinely concerned and worried about the out come. Even though the result didn’t go the way I was hoping, we now need to focus on making the best of the situation we have put ourselves in.

Back to what else I have been up to! We then spent a wonderful, if slightly wet weekend, celebrating our friends wedding. Congratulations you two, it was a fantastic celebration and I hope you are enjoying your honeymoon!

We then headed to Norwich and spent the next four days rushing round visiting friends and family. As well as eating out WAY too much! I am thinking of doing a seperate post about the places I would reccomend to eat in Norfolk and Norwich. If you would like me to do this please let me know!

Unfortunately our car decided to break when we got to Norfolk, so we had to drive really carefully on the way home!

Finally to end on something a little more positive! Whenever we head back to England we take the chance to stock up on all of the English food that we miss! I also had a few things delivered to Mum and Dad’s house and had some birthday presents to collect, which means I now have a lot more baking stuff!

Sorry for the longer than normal post, I had a lot to say this month! We are back in Germany for two weeks before heading off to Cannes for a holiday!

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Lucya xx


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