Tuesday 14th April (A trial shift and a slice of Chocolate Cream Cake)

Schokoladesahne kuchen (Chocolate Cream Cake) One of the things I love about living in Germany is how easy it is to buy good quality home made cake and the variety available. We live in a village and off the top of my head I can think of 4 places here which all sell cake made on site. What makes it even better is that is inexpensive compared to the equivalent in England. This slice cost around £1.70!

On Saturday I had a trial shift at a local Patisserie (Konditorei) and absolutely loved it! It was an early start having to get up at 2.30am and then cycle 5 km to get there, luckily my lovely Husband cycled with me (before going back home and going straight back to sleep!). If I get this apprenticeship I will definitely need to invest in a car!

The thing that really stood out for me about this Konditorei is that first year students aren’t given all the cleaning jobs to do which apparently is quite common, so you start learning straight away!

I am feeling fairly happy with my German at the moment, we went to a Handball game on Sunday and I understood and could respond to 90% of what was being said!

I am currently in the middle of making some salt and pepper crackers and my 3 month old kitchen aid has decided to break! I am hoping it isn’t too serious and we will be able to fix it tonight! If all goes well and the crackers turn out how I want them too I will share the recipe with you on Thursday!

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See you Thursday!



2 thoughts on “Tuesday 14th April (A trial shift and a slice of Chocolate Cream Cake)

  1. That piece of cake looks soooo good! You’re right…this cake-thing is something I really miss since I moved to England. I love the variety of ‘Konditoreien’ that you can find everywhere 🙂

    1. I agree! I think if/ when we move back to England I am really going to miss the variety of cakes and bread available! We now buy fresh bread every day as there is just so much more of it available!

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