Monday 9th March (Schichttorte and rejection letters)

Schichttorte  I got my first rejection letter on Saturday, which if I am honest put me in quite a bad mood! I do still have one other application pending at the moment, I am hoping to have a response within the next 3 weeks. Receiving the letter has made me realise I probably need a plan B in case I don’t get a place on an Ausbildung (Apprenticeship). This resulted in several hours internet searching! I have a few ideas so we will see what happens!


On a slightly happier note the lovely Jhuls from  the Not So Creative Cook has mentioned me in her “Introducing new bloggers” post! Thanks again!

Yesterday I spent my afternoon making a Schichttorte, which is the 20 layered grilled German cake which was on the latest series of the Great British Bake Off. I used Paul Hollywood’s recipe which is here if you fancy a go!


It is a very time consuming cake to make… it resulted with me sitting on the kitchen floor next to the oven with my book! I think it does look amazing and I have had some great comments about it. But unfortunately the taste doesn’t match it. I found it to be incredibly dry. Which considering you are cooking such thin layers shouldn’t come as a massive surprise! I have just been eating mine with yoghurt which does make it much better!

My verdict – if you want to make something that is technically challenging and unlike most other cakes I would definitely give it a go! It was quite fun and I am glad I made it! However, if you want a nice tasting cake, I think you can make another cake with a lot less effort which would taste a lot better!

Let me know if you have made this cake and how it turned out!

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8 thoughts on “Monday 9th March (Schichttorte and rejection letters)

  1. Really interesting to see how this turned out. It looks really pretty, but i’ve always imagined it couldn’t possibly still be particularly moist after all that grilling!
    Good luck with your next application.

    Jennie x

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