Thursday 17th December

It has been a while since I posted my last blog post, I have been very busy having just started my language course at college.

Today was my last day of college until the new year so I am feeling fairly festive today! We had a Christmas party with an international buffet which we had to contribute too. I decided to take some gingerbread men with me… attempting to describe what these were with my limited German vocabulary was interesting!


My first few weeks of college have been going fairly well. However, if someone can give me a way of making artikels (der, die, das) and personal pronouns easier to remember I would be very grateful!

On Monday I attempted to make my first Christmas cake! The boy doesn’t like marzipan… at all, so to be honest it is more of a fruit cake! Anyway I have inserted a picture and I am fairly happy with the result.

I currently have some mincemeat in the fridge and it should be ready to turn in to mince pies in a couple of days. This is another first for me, when we were leaving in England I always use to cheat and by jars of mincemeat but unfortunately you can’t buy them here, fingers crossed it turns out ok!


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