The Food Exchange – Chocolate

Some how Greta and I have gone all this time without having a chocolate themed challenge! This month we made sure we changed that!

For those of you new to mine or Greta’s blog check out the link at the top of the page to find out more about The Food Exchange!

Greta challenged me to make Donauwellenkuchen. Normally I have heard of Greta’s suggestions but this is one I have never heard of before. It is basically a vanilla sponge, topped with chocolate sponge and sour cherries pushed into the top of the batter before being baked and then topped with buttercream and a layer of chocolate. For a cake with quite a few layers it was surprisingly quick and easy to make.

The recipe I used ended up making quite a lot of cake, so Tim took a lot of it to work, where it went down very well apparently! One of his colleagues had 5 pieces… I think That is a fairly big compliment! I think they were probably pleased to receive a German cake as normally I send him in with more British bakes!

I particularly loved the addition of cherries in this cake as it gave little bursts of moisture to the cake as you eat it and a lovely contrast of texture!

Thank you Greta for the challenge, I am already looking forward to next month! Make sure you head over to Greta’s blog to see her chocolate bake!

As always, if you have any suggestions on what our next challenge should be we would love to hear from you!


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