The Food Exchange – October -Nuts (and a bit of a mess!)

Hello! Sorry The Food Exchange is a day late… I have been ill so didn’t have a chance to bake and write this blog post when I had planned.

If you are new to The Food Exchange, head to the tab at the top of the page to find out what it is about and see all of mine and Greta’s from the blog Made By Greta past bakes and challenges!

This month’s topic was nuts. Greta gave me a recipe for Nusskranz. First of all, I wanted to point out that I got a little confused by what this actually was (not a good start!). When Greta first sent me the recipe I thought it was bread with a layer of nut filling swirled through (this is something that is ALWAYS in the bakery in our village).

When I actually came to make the recipe, I noticed the prep time was only 15 minutes… ok, not bread then.

It turns out it is more like a pastry, topped with a nut mixture and then rolled up and baked. The dough was very crumbly but I managed to get it together and roll out fairly easily.

The next bit I struggled with was whether I should cut it into portions or not, I cut it in to four and then messaged Greta… turns out I shouldn’t have done that but just scored a few lines across the top… oops!

I put them in the oven anyway and baked it and kept my fingers crossed!

What came out of the oven was something like a biscuit roll… I am not sure if that is what it was supposed to be like but it tasted really good!

I have cut slices off the roll to make them more like biscuits, they are really crumbly and the nut filling is really tasty!

This has probably been my first proper failure at the Food Exchange but I will put that down to being ill and try not to question my German skills too much!

Make sure you head over to Greta’s blog to see the challenge I have given her, I am sure it will have been more successful than mine!

Come back next month to see what we have been baking. As always, if you have any suggestions on topics or challenges, we would love to hear from you!

Lucya xx


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