The Food Exchange – May – Biscuits

I am normally quite organised when it comes to baking, photographing and writing for The Food Exchange. However this month has been quite hectic and after a little kitchen mishap yesterday, I am doing all of the above on the day of posting… oops!
For those of you who are new to The Food Exchange, once a month Greta from Made by Greta and I swap recipes under a certain theme. Greta and I met through blogging around a year ago now (I think?!) and soon discovered that Greta is German and had recently moved to England and I am English and had recently moved to Germany. Greta messaged me with this idea which I loved straight away!

This months theme was biscuits, Greta challenged me to bake Flammende Herzen. I have seen these in bakeries before but I have never tried them. The best way to describe them is they are quite a short crumbly biscuit, not too dissimilar from a shortbread, sandwiched together with a nougat-chocolate ganache and then dipped in a chocolate glaze… what is there not too love?!

The dough is incredibly easy to make, especially if you have a stand mixer and I was ready to bake in no time at all. However, normally I use disposable piping bags (the only ones I seem to be able to buy in this area are a bit like a thick paper). I went to pipe the dough on to the baking sheet and…. pop! The nozzle flew straight out of the other end! I then thought I would be clever and try and make a piping bag out of a plastic bag… needless to say, that didn’t work either!

I had to then quickly drive to our supermarket to buy a reusable piping bag but unfortunately by the time I got home, I didn’t have enough time to back them as we had plans in the evening. I wrapped the dough in cling film and left it in the fridge until this morning.

After getting the dough out of the fridge, leaving it a little while to get up to room temperature, I managed to pipe out my shapes! Everything else from there was very straight forward!

These are really delicious biscuits, I would definitely recommend baking them!

To see my biscuit challenge head over to Made by Greta… I don’t think you can get much more British than this biscuit!

As always, if you have any themes or bakes you would like to see me and Greta try, leave a comment on either of our blogs!

Lucya xx

P.S. I have just added a “the food exchange” tab on the top of my blog, where you can see all of mine and Greta’s past bakes! 


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