Gateau Opera

  I finally had a go at making my favourite cake, Gateau Opera. I first came across this cake in my first full time job where the pastry chef made these.

If you don’t know what Gateau Opera is, it is thin layers of almond sponge cake, coffee butter cream and chocolate ganache!

I always like things with contrasting layers and flavours and this works brilliantly.

I used a recipe by Will Torrent which you can find here.

It was also my first time making Italian meringue buttercream… it is now my favourite! It is slightly more difficult to make than a traditional buttercream as it involves whisking egg whites and sugar to stiff peaks before slowly adding a hot sugar syrup. The end result is very light, creamy and not too sweet. I also think it is smoother than a normal buttercream, which makes it easier to spread with.


My first attempt is far from perfect but I am pleased with it for a first attempt. Tim took the majority of them in to work for his colleagues so I will wait to hear the verdict tonight! I will definitely be making this again and am hoping to try a few different flavour combinations.


As always you can find Lucya Bakes on Instagram and Facebook.

Lucya xx


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