Tuesday 3rd March (Recipe for Marshmallows)

Marshmallows I am having quite a good week this week, several things which I have been learning at school have suddenly clicked in to place and make sense! Which is a relief! I have decided I need to start watching German films and reading German books soon, the thought of this quite daunting! I watched an episode of the BBC adaptation of Sherlock in German last week to try and get a feel for it… unfortunately I didn’t like the German voice of Benedict Cumberbatch!

I have applied for another Ausblidung (Apprenticeship) today. I have a really lovely contact at our local job centre who lets me send my applications to her so she can glance over them before I send them to make sure there are no horrible mistakes!

MarshmallowsBelow is my recipe for marshmallows! To be honest I don’t like eating marshmallows by themselves. But I do like them in hot chocolate, with ice cream, in cakes etc. When I first made marshmallows I was quite nervous but they are so easy!

This is the same recipe which I used in my last post for the Chocolate Marshmallow Bars and I will be using it again for the recipe I will be posting on Thursday/ Friday!

I hope you like it and if you give it a go please let me know!

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Apricot Marshmallows


  • 340ml water
  • 12g powdered gelatine and 60ml liquid (see note below)
  • 260g caster sugar
  • 1 tbsp of corn flour mixed with 1 tbsp of icing sugar

Note – if you want to make plain marshmallows then just use 60ml of water, however if you want to make flavoured marshmallows you could use fruit juice or fresh fruit which has been blended and sieved. The ones in the pictures are apricot flavoured!

Put the 60ml of “liquid” in to a bowl and pour over the gelatine, allow the gelatine to absorb the liquid.

Put the caster sugar and 340ml of water in to a sauce pan and put on a medium/ high heat. Stir the mixture well and keep on the heat until the mixture reaches 117c. Once it has reached this temperature take the saucepan off the heat and allow to cool for 1 minute.

Using an electric hand whisk or free standing mixer start gently mixing the gelatine mixture, then slowly add the sugar mixture by pouring it down the side of the bowl. Once you have added all of the sugar mixture keep whisking until it has become very thick, white and doubled in size. (When you take the whisk out of the bowl the mixture should drip off in a constant ribbon)

Line a tin with clingfilm (the wider the tin the shorter your marshmallows will be, I have used a 15x20cm baking tin)

mix together your icing sugar and cornflour and sprinkle some on to your clingfilm.

Pour your marshmallow mixture in to your tin and loosely cover, ideally you don’t want anything touching the surface or you will end up with some sticking problems later!

Leave the marshmallow to set for around an hour and a half. When the marshmallow is set the surface should be firm to touch.

To portion your marshmallow sprinkle the top with your cornflour and icing sugar mixture. Using a hot knife cut your marshmallow in to squares and cover each side with your cornflour icing sugar mixture. You want to make sure each marshmallow is not sticky at all.

Put in an air tight container, these will keep for ages!

You can then eat them by themselves, put in to a mug of hot chocolate, add to ice cream or various other desserts!


5 thoughts on “Tuesday 3rd March (Recipe for Marshmallows)

    1. Thanks for your comment. They are light and fluffy but also really soft! I really don’t like marshmallows when they are too chewy! This has happened a few times from when I have added too much gelatine.

  1. Wow! I envy you – you have made your own marshmallows. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog. I am looking forward to following yours. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. You should definitely give them a go Jules! They are really easy. I am just always worried about handling hot sugar syrup at 117c! Thank you for following my blog! I hope you like it! I find yours very interesting!

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